Contact Tracing and Social Distancing, the tools to get your
employees back to work in a safe environment.

How It Works

How It Works

  • Using Contact Tracing and Social Distancing, our patent pending, dual verification technology traces your employees' path and contact with other employees using a combination of GPS and BLE Technologies.
  • We track employee primary and secondary exposure and notify you and your employees when another employee that they have been in contact with self-reports as having symptoms or tests positive.
  • Our algorithm manages and traces a real
    interaction to notify you and mark
    employees as exposed.

Having Symptoms

For employees that have some of the symptoms but have not tested positive, we provide a checklist they can use to alert you to their symptoms and keep you up to date.

Anyone who has been in contact with them is alerted to a possible risk of exposure, just to be safe, the exposed employee can then keep track of any arising symptoms.
Having Symptoms
Exposure Notifications

Exposure Notifications

Once an employee reports themselves as positive, any employee that has been within the 2-meter contact distance of that employee is changed to Exposed.

We notify them of the exposure with a date and time stamp of the contact.

We also notify you.

Testing Positive

For those employees that are positive, we ask them to press the "I have tested positive" button, as well as call an automated response system to activate their device.

This limits the amount of accidental pressing and ensuring the exposure notifications are sent out only after a confirmed positive report.
Testing Positive

Company for Companies

  • Get employees back to work safely
  • Understand when your employees have had an exposure and when there has been interaction with exposed or COVID-19 positive employees
  • Select group of exposed employees can be quarantined instead of the whole office
  • Geofencing available option for office buildings and manufacturing plants
  • App Customization available

Company for Schools

  • Bring your students back to your campus
  • Know when students and teachers have had an exposure and when there has been interaction with exposed or COVID-19 positive students or staff
  • Geofencing available option for your school grounds
  • App Customization available

Company for Hospitals

  • Minimize the risk of exposure for Hospital employees and staff
  • Trace employee interaction with infected or exposed patients or equipment (beds) through use of technology
  • Trace incoming visitors through badging or temporary app access
  • Geofencing available option for buildings or campus
  • App Customization available